7 Reasons you should use Explore to Buy & Sell Tickets Online

The evolution of digital marketing has opened multiple avenues of shopping. Buying and selling tickets online is one of the most popular trends these days. People like to explore various online offers to get good deals at reasonable prices. Companies and business also benefit from the process of buy and sell tickets online broaden the scope of revenue generation through relationship marketing. Buying and selling tickets online have outperformed the traditional means of selling tickets. GRPL is a prominent online classified ads portal that provides the opportunity for booking air/ bus tickets online. Some benefits that accrue to various stakeholders involved in the process are mentioned in this article. Some reasons that would compel you to explore to buy and sell tickets online are discussed below.



• It can save your time: If you choose to buy air/bus online tickets on GRPL, you can save your valuable time which you could have spent while standing in a queue. GRPL air/ bus online ticket booking facility gives you a privileged opportunity of booking your bus and flight without stepping out of your home.

• It is a cost-effective practice: Buying air/bus tickets on GRPL classified ads portal is highly profitable as you can get good deals at the same time which may even lower your ticket price. GRPL integrates with other websites to bring you an enriched experience.

• It provides a better opportunity for exploring other options: When you book air/ bus ticket online on GRPL ads portal, you get the chance of having a look at other travel and holiday offers. It may be possible that you get reasonably cheap tickets for a coming vacation.

• It can give momentum to your business: If you choose to sell tickets online on GRPL platform, you can accelerate the pace of your business. Online marketing empowers people to make an instant decision thus increasing the turnover rate. Further, word of mouth publicity also brings in more customers to your website

• It can fetch useful data for further promotion: When you sell air/bus tickets online on GRPL classified ads portal, you receive varied information from the customers such as name, address, email, contact number and other relevant demographic data. This data is beneficial for future promotion and maintaining a good relationship with customers.

• It can help you to get feedback: When people buy online air/ bus tickets, they do not refrain from filling a small feedback form. This remains very helpful for future improvements for enhancing the customer experience.

• It can help you expand your network: When you direct customer to your website for buying air/ bus tickets, you can extend the customers’ choice set by adding ads of channel partners who provide hotels, vacations and other services. This invariably increases your earning potential.

GRPL online classified ads portal is a premium web-based portal mainly known for providing a hassle-free experience of buying and selling air/ bus tickets online.

Book Your Air-Bus Ticket Online - the best way to save time and money

Do you travel frequently? Do you miss good deals on air/ bus online tickets? Do you want to save time and money? Then, GRPL, a unique web portal simplifies your travel plan by booking your air/ bus tickets online in few clicks. Welcome to GRPL online classified ads platform which offers a hassle-free experience of booking tickets without worrying about long queues and wait. This is one of the best ways to save time, money and efforts while you book bus ticket or air ticket online from anywhere. The time had gone when you had to call agents or visit concrete counters to fetch the tickets before travel. GRPL brings an unmatched experience of making bus and air reservations with great deals.



GRPL air/bus ticket online booking is one of the significant services provided by GRPL online classified ads portal. One can efficiently plan one way or return trip with GRPL ticket booking service. You can book domestic or international flights at viable prices. GRPL web platform is backed by sophisticated technology that gives speedy and error-free transactions. The interface of GRPL air/bus ticket online booking facility is user-friendly and offers results based on your search, preferences and past travel history. It is easier to refine the search and find different flight and buses plying to and from between your chosen cities. GRPL has been designed to yield a faster and simplified experience to its users.

When you book air/bus ticket online, one of the major issues faced is payment processing. GRPL online classified ads website is an excellent platform that is backed by seamless integration with numerous payment gateways thereby making the payment process faster and hassle-free. You can book air/bus ticket online using payment gateway of your choice. Additionally, you can also download the GRPL app, Getthis, which helps in planning your travel efficiently and precisely. Through the Getthis app, you can book domestic as well as international flights. GRPL is committed to giving you a happy booking experience thus bringing a smile to your face. GRPL brings an opportunity for faultless booking transactions at your fingertips with its handy Getthis app.

Furthermore, when you book air/bus online tickets with GRPL, we ensure that the transaction gets completed in minimum possible time thereby saving your valuable time. GRPL air/bus ticket online service displays comparable rates of multiple flights and buses between preferred places. GRPL is dedicated to providing an exclusive advantage to its users thereby delivering value for their time and efforts they invest while booking their online tickets through GRPL. It is advisable to download our App for enhanced experience and convenience. The Getthis app is easy to navigate and provide you personalized service. You can visit our website for detailed information related to various deals on air/bus online ticket booking offered from time to time. Don’t miss the opportunity of availing best ticket booking services from India’s one of the growing classified web portal.

Find the benefits of Free Classified Ads?

There are many websites available online that allow you to post ads for selling your product and services. These sites charge hefty amount to publicise your brand online. However, there exist few web portals that enable you to display free classified ads without paying a penny. GRPL is one of such web platforms that empower sellers and buyers to post their ads without asking them to pay for it. GRPL is amongst leading websites that support free online classified ads. The benefits of free classified ads can be visualized in the short term by any business that intends to make a strong online presence. The particular advantages of GRPL online free classified ads are discussed below:



• Cost Efficient: GRPL free classifieds in India are affordable and relatively cheap. You need not invest anything in promoting your brand online. Even a small entrepreneur with a minimal budget can think of registering his presence online. The direct impact of GRPL free ads is higher visibility and enhanced effect. A business gets an add-on advantage of catering to online shoppers.

• Simple Execution: GRPL online classified ads are simple and easy to execute. One does not need technical expertise to create and post free online classified ads on GRPL. GRPL offers inbuilt templates under multiple categories for selling and buying the products and services. GRPL app provides additional benefits through easy navigation and user-friendly interface.

• Time Saver: Another advantage of GRPL free ads is that they save time incredibly. One does not need to more extended hours to posting ads online. The entire process gets completed in few simple steps thereby saving time and energy.

• Effortless: GRPL free online classifieds are effortless. You can put your business online within few hours by uploading pictures and choosing a relevant template.

• SEO Optimized: The free online classifieds are search engine optimized thereby enabling you to get better visibility online through good search engine rankings. The free classifieds help in diverting the traffic towards the business website.

• Free Maintenance: GRPL is an exclusive platform that gives you the benefit of zero maintenance charges on the free classified ads. You do not need to incur a single penny in maintaining the free classifieds. You can update and edit the content whenever you want. There is no hurry of removing the ad as happens in print media.

• More Extensive Reach: The online free classifieds provide access to a broad range of regional and national audiences. This directly helps buyers and sellers to get more leads thus increasing revenue generating capabilities.

GRPL online free classifieds portal is one of the prominent websites that intends to provide a platform to buyers and sellers around the country. It empowers them to get more business by establishing contacts. GRPL Free Classifieds in India offer a competitive advantage to your business in the era of digital marketing.

How to Generate More Leads and Sales via Classified Ad Posting

This is the era of digital transformation where every customer and seller is digitally active to find suitable options and promote their business respectively. Online classified ads have become a prominent way of creating a brand for your product and services. They provide a faster and reliable medium of reaching to a wide range of audience. Many online-classified websites offer free and paid ads to their customers. Where paid ads take less time in execution, free ads are more time-consuming. However, both of them are attractive options for getting desired results in long-run. To generate more leads via classified ad posting, it is essential to follow certain necessary things while posting online classified ads. Here are few tips for getting quality leads through online-classified advertising.



1. Your online ad must grab the attention of prospects: This is fundamental to getting success through online classified ads. A reader takes interest only when you have something special and unique to offer. Use catchy language to promote your offer. Give equal importance to color, font ad size of the content.

2. Your online ad must not carry false information or promise: A basic rule to earn credibility in the market is to promote truth. Do not add wrong or misleading information in the classified ad. The offer made by you must be genuine and in the best interest of the buyer.

3. Your online ad must contain all the pertinent information: For motivating people to land on your business or brand page, it is essential to add all the relevant information such as contact number, website URL, email address, links to blogs and social media page. A complete online classified ad tends to attract more customers as compared to an incomplete ad.

4. Your online ad must carry real images of the product: If you plan to add pictures to your ad, you must ensure that those should be real and clear to provide the right information to the visitor.

5. Your online ad must be of optimum length: This is another crucial point to keep in mind while drafting an online classified ad. The content must be neither too detailed nor too short. A balanced material that contains all the information is commendable. You can delete those parts, which deem to be useless from the reader’s point of view.

6. You should choose the online portal carefully: If you plan to publish your ad on an online portal, you must do a thorough research on the website platforms. It is advisable to choose a credible platform to post online classified ads because prospects tend to visit those sites more often while looking for a product or a service.

It is easy to get a fair amount of leads through online classified ads if one sticks to the basics of drafting and execution of ads. GRPL is one of the most prominent online classified ads portals which simplifies the entire process and enhances the probability of getting quality leads in a short span of time.

9 Tips for Unleashing the Power of Classified Ads

Online classifieds provide a powerful yet affordable medium for promoting the business. The potency of classified ads has been tested over time, and numerous marketers believe that classifieds do wonders when it comes to generating leads. Another probable reason, why classifieds are regarded as an effective way of branding is because their capability of reaching to thousands of viewers in the target market. However, some people often feel that classifieds are a waste of money and they could not derive any meaningful out of it. This is because they underestimated the power of classified ad and probably did not adopt effective ways of executing them. Here are some tips that one should follow to unleash the tremendous power ingrained in classified ads.



1. Keep it simple: Try to use a simple yet impressive language. Do not use flowery words to avoid meaning distortions. Readers like to read a simple yet convincing advertisement.

2. Try online classified ads: Apart from print media, you can also try online classifieds as they bear enormous potential in the digital economy.

3. Select a reputed online-classified portal: Once you decide to go for online classifieds, the next important thing is to search for a reliable and popular advertising platform. This would help you get access to more audiences.

4. Always choose a relevant category: To get maximum results, one should always post an online ad under a relevant category. This pattern simplifies the search for an audience and enables you to get good and valid results.

5. Draft a catchy headline: Begin by writing an attractive headline, which is capable of holding the reader until the end. Always stick with honest and transparent announcements.

6. Include details in the body: The body of the online classified should contain details specifications of the product along with the benefits of using the product. Remember, a concrete information is quite valuable from the reader’s point of view.

7. Focus on giving lucrative offers: You can also include some attractive offers to grab the attention of the reader. The offers announcing price discounts, free schemes, a gift on the purchase, etc. are capable of attracting viewers.

8. Try to get an optimum length: Always try to keep the ad short and relevant. You can proof-read the ad for a multiple of times and eliminate the redundant components.

9. Keep track of results: Always measure the results of your online classified ad using various analytical tools. This would help you to experiment with the ad while maintaining its uniqueness.

GRPL is one such online portal that allows buyers and sellers to post the ads of new and used products and services at a nominal rate. The platform also offers free ads under various categories.

A Complete Guide for Posting Free Ads on GRPL

GRPL, India offers a unique solution to all the advertising related problems of buyers and sellers. GRPL classified ad portal in India is a versatile platform that gives you an opportunity to promote your product and service online. The buyers and sellers of new and second-hand products can post online classified ads on GRPL to get a maximum reach. Because of its interactive nature, GRPL classified ad portal in India enables you to advertise your brand at a regional, local and national level. The website of GRPL comes with a user-friendly interface that empowers even a layman to use it without any complications. Whether you are planning to buy a product or searching for buyers for your product and services, GRPL classified ad portal in India is the solution. The process of posting a free ad on GRPL is quite intriguing and straightforward. You do not need technical expertise or a hefty amount of money to publish a classified advertisement. Here is the guideline that once can follow to post online classified ads on GRPL.



1. Register: First fill a registration form if you are a guest. If you are a returning customer, you can enter user-id and password. For a new user, you have to mention the sponsor id and your details. By adding sponsor id, you get the required space on the website of GRPL for posting an online classified ad.

2. Choose the service: You can decide if you want to go for a free ad on GRPL or a paid ad under prime ad category. If you choose Prime Ad, your ad will get the priority display. The prime online ads are shown on the top of every category.

3. Select the Category: Once you decide the service, it is the time to select the category under which your free or prime ad will be placed. GRPL classified ad portal in India offers a wide array of categories of products and services. Some of them are Car, Bikes, Furniture, Vehicles, Real Estate, Electronics, Education, Health, Books, Beauty, Restaurants and other services. Select the most relevant category for your product or service.

4. Select Template: GRPL classified ad portal in India provides an exclusive advantage of customizing your online classified ad by selecting a template that best matches the product specifications and purpose.

5. Upload Pictures: After this, you should upload few pictures of your product or service to provide a clear description to prospective buyers. The images should be apparent to avoid any confusion.

6. Quote a Price: You should add an expected price for your product or service.

7. Write a Description: Now its time to write few lines about your product or service. The online classified ad must contain an attractive headline, a body, and motivation that insist viewers to take action.

8. Go on-air: Once you complete all the steps, you are ready to make your ad visible to the prospects.

GRPL classified ad portal in India is a premium service that enables you to reap the benefit of online advertising in a cost-efficient manner. If you do not want to invest a significant amount of money for getting publicity, online classified ads are the best solution.

Why everyone should have getthiss reseller app

GRPL is a reliable and dynamic platform that gives an excellent opportunity to buyers and sellers from every corner of the country to promote their product online. The online classified portal comes with a user-friendly interface that helps users in searching the products and services. However, it is always recommended to download GRPL App on your smartphone to get the desired information in a handy manner. There are numerous benefits of downloading the app of GRPL. Some of them are listed below:



• GRPL app offers you a personalized experience based on your preferences and interests

• GRPL app sends relevant notifications to you through mail and registered phone number.

• GRPL app is designed to give an excellent experience to the user.

• GRPL app can provide essential features even in an offline mode based on your preferences.

• GRPL allows you to track the prospects for your business.

• GRPL app help in getting quality leads for your business.

The basic facilities provided by GRPL app are mentioned below:

1. GRPL buy and sell: A getthis app enables users to buy and sell their new and used products by posting online classified ad. The buyers and sellers can contact with prospects through the app. The app helps in searching the products that match your requirements.

2. GRPL Online Mobile Recharge: You can quickly recharge your postpaid or prepaid mobile using the getthis app. The app provides a secure payment process by redirecting you to the relevant sites.

3. GRPL Online Air/ Bus Ticket Booking: Getthiss app is a versatile app that helps in planning your travel. You can easily book domestic and international air tickets and bus tickets through the getthiss app.

4. GRPL Online DTH Recharge: Another facility provided by the getthiss app is that it allows you to recharge your Direct-to-Home (DTH) service. You can enjoy uninterrupted service by making payment to the vendor using getthiss app.

5. GRPL Online Bill Payment: The app enables you to pay for utility services such as water, electricity, telephone, and other services. No need to stand in long queues after that. Getthiss app is a one-stop solution to all your bill related issues.

6. GRPL Online Hotel Booking: Now with getthiss app, you can easily book hotel rooms of your choice in any city across India. The app provides you competitive rates for the rooms of your preferences.

7. GRPL Online Advertising: The prime feature of GRPL, Free Online Classified Ad posting is made much simpler by the getthiss app. The app not only assists in posting the classified but also helps in tracking the ads to get quality leads.



Top Features of Classified Portal

Classified portals are considered as one of the most trusted and fast-growing forms of online advertising. The classified portals provide a rich medium to the many marketers and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services at minimal or no cost. GRPL is one such recognized online-classified advertising platform that intends to buyers, sellers, and end-users through its versatile services. This form of advertising bears the enormous potential of reaching to a wide range of audience in a short span of time. Unlike traditional targeting, where investment is made without ascertaining a concrete outcome, GRPL online-classified advertising targets to right customers and generate quality leads for the business. Some of the pertinent features of a classified portal are mentioned below:



1. Economical: GRPL online classified ads are available at affordable rates to the customers. One can post ads free on GRPL. After completing a simple registration process, you are entitled to upload a classified ad for your product and service.

2. Easy to Manage: GRPL, a successful classified ads portal ensures that the process of posting and managing ads remains simple. They also provide an App for efficient management of these ads. One can post and follow the leads through an easy navigation.

3. Multiple Categories: GRPL online classified ads portal allows you to publish ads under various categories thereby creating a unique space for your product and service. The categories like vehicles, education, mobile, bikes, electronics, business-to-business, health, beauty, books, restaurants, jobs, real estate, etc. have been added to enhance users’ experience.

4. Premium Services: GRPL, a leading online classified ads portal also allows you to post premium ads for a nominal charge. By opting for a prime ad, your ad can find space on the top of the respective categories. This facility enables you to get a speedy online publicity.

5. Second-Hand Products: One can also post a classified ad for used products. GRPL provides an interactive platform to the buyers and sellers of used second-hand products.

6. Other Services: GRPL, one of the recognized name of online classified ads portals, also provide value added services such as flight bookings, hotel booking, mobile, DTH and data card recharge, insurance payment and other utility services bill.

7. Content Management: A very significant feature of GRPL is that it empowers the marketer to manage and update the content on a timely basis. By posting relevant content, you can motivate people to visit the website of your business.

GRPL, one of the fastest-growing online classified ads portals is also recognized for its unique business model. The Reseller Program is one of its kinds that enable a reseller to publish local ads at prices and margins decided by himself. A Reseller can buy bulk space on GRPL platform and resell it. A Reseller is entitled to get premium benefits on the recruitment of new resellers. The reseller program is an amalgamation of network marketing and online advertising. There are multiple packages available for Resellers to join the program.

Which is best: Newspaper Classified or Online Classified?

Print advertising was one of the most popular means of brand promotion until last decade. It was heavily trusted by the entrepreneurs and enjoyed a wide range of audience. However, in last few years, the trend of online-classified advertising has surpassed the newspaper classifieds regarding revenue and access. The age of the internet has empowered marketers to promote their brand online to get a viral publicity and a gamut of the target audience. Some of the significant benefits of posting a free online-classified are beneficial over print advertising are discussed below:



1. Cost Effective: You need to invest a good deal of money in publishing an ad in a newspaper. Moreover, you need to buy subscriptions to get space in a paper. On the other hand, online-classified advertising is far cheaper and affordable. Many websites allow you to post free web ads to market your product and service. Furthermore, in case of an urgent announcement, print advertising costs even more.

2. Less Time Consuming: Online classifieds provide a quick and fast means of posting ads. These ads are less time consuming and spontaneous. Newspaper ads, on the other hand, take much time in execution. One has to ascertain many details before finalizing an ad.

3. Access to the global audience: Another significant benefit of online-classified advertising is their capability of reaching millions of online users. Unlike newspaper advertising, which is read by few thousands of people, online advertisements are viewed by people of all age.

4. Extra Information: Newspaper provides limited space to post your ad. You can add few lines and words with scarce details to market your product and service. However, classified ads give you an extra edge by allowing you to post customized ad containing adequate information.

5. Easy to update and manage: Print advertisements provide no scope of instant modification. Online advertisements, on the other hand, can be upgraded anytime as per the requirement. You can run a free online ad for an unlimited period. Moreover, its content can repeatedly be edited to keep it fresh and alive.

6. Global Reach: Newspapers are geographically bounded, and so are the classifieds. You cannot think of going beyond a region unless you post an ad in a national newspaper. Online classifieds do not suffer from this limitation. Online ads can be accessed in any part of the world thereby imparting a global reach to your business.

GRPL is a renowned online-classified portal that enables its users to post free classifieds in India. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, GRPL would help you in finding your preferred product and service. Moreover, GRPL contains free web ads of used and second-hand products also. One can publish ads to gain local, regional and national reach. One can search and buy products of his choice by sorting products into various categories, which is otherwise not possible on a newspaper-classified page. So, forget about the print advertising, visit GRPL and enjoy an unmatched experience of hassle-free and spontaneous marketing.

What are the advantages of a classified portal


A classified portal is a one-roof solution for varied needs such as buying and selling online, mobile recharge, hotel and flight bookings and other utility services. An online-classified portal like GRPL intends to serve a broad range of customers by providing a quick means of transaction, communication, and collaboration. GRPL is one of the most recognized classified portal in India that offers a unique platform to numerous sellers and buyers who wish to grow their business by posting free ads on GRPL. GRPL free classified ads are sure means of attracting customers and clients present online. It is simple to post ads for new and used products on the portal to enhance the accessibility.




It would not be superfluous to say that online-classified portals have beaten the traditional forms of marketing such as print and other media like radio and television. The digital revolution has brought everyone online thereby creating a massive online marketplace. GRPL classified portal is a unique and effective way of harnessing the power of digital media. One does not require standing in long queues waiting for their turn to book the tickets or pay the bill. GRPL, a fast-growing online-classified portal of India will solve your all problems with a single click.


The trend of using classified portals has increased in past years because of its unique capabilities and attracting benefits that are not available otherwise. GRPL allows its customers to post free online classifieds under various categories such as car, mobiles, bikes, electronics, furniture, restaurant, etc. The client gets the benefit of online promotion without even paying a single penny. Thus, GRPL is an affordable means of posting free classifieds. Additionally, GRPL allows you to establish connections with a wide range of target audience present nationally and globally. Thus, GRPL is a boon for those marketers who wish to promote their brand across the national boundaries.

Simplicity is another significant benefit of using GRPL online-classified portal for your business in India. The advantage comes in the form of hassle-free management and easy to use interface. The platform can be accessed through App that is easy to navigate and serve all needs. Further, GRPL free classified ads portal would put your business on air with no or minimal investment. It doesn’t take much in designing these ads. By posting the relevant details such as contact number, website address and links to the blogs you can easily encourage a customer to land on your business page.


The impact of GRPL online-classified portal on your growing business cannot be ignored. It bears an enormous potential to give scaling heights to your business by an optimal utilization of scarce resources. GRPL free ads are a valuable tool used in promoting your business online by providing lucrative opportunities to a marketer. He can generate positive revenue streams and attract a maximum number of customers by registering the presence of his products and services on GRPL online-classified portal.